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The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope, data from the country!

ONE Bandai Namco, the game distributor, in a new one Publication revealed October 30, 2020 as the new release date for The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope. Produced by Super Massive Games, the game takes on a new role of characters and script, but promises the same cinematic horror experience as Man of Medan.

In Laat Hope, four college students and their teachers have to flee from an isolated and abandoned city while being chased by ghostly revelations. See the new trailer:

See also the latest news:

Players who purchase the title during pre-order will have early access to “Curator’s Cut“Of the game, which gives access to alternative scenes with different playable characters. In addition, Bandai Namco also pointed out several editions which we can buy from The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope, including one even from Man of Medan:

Editions and content:

  • Curator’s Cut : This additional content will be available to anyone who pre-orders the game. He will be responsible for adding new scenes, a small cinema and several playable characters with different decisions and results.
  • standard edition.
  • Limited edition / package: only available in some stores; Includes Little Hope and Man of Medan, a fabric chart from Dark Pictures, two map pins and a metal box.
  • Collector’s Edition; Includes Little Hope, a fabric map from Dark Pictures, two map pins, a metal box and a copy of Mary’s doll from 1692. This edition is only available at Bandai Namco Europe digital store.

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Finally, it is worth remembering that the content will be available for free to all players three months after the launch of the game. By the way Little Hope will be released too Playstation 4, Xbox One e PC.

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