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TdC discovers offenses against public procurement by the Institute for Health in Madeira

The Court of Auditors (TdeC) has discovered that the Madeira Health Agency Institute has failed to comply with the law applicable to the establishment of public contracts. (IASAÚDE, IP-RAM), between January and October 2017. "In addition, the Ministry of Health (IASAÚDE, IP-RAM) is responsible for the normalization of personnel costs and the acquisition of goods and services derived from documents and agreements exempted from visas. [19659002] The Court notes "an acquisition of computer equipment and the adoption of a multi-year commitment that has not previously been approved by the regional government responsible for finance, as required by the diplomas that approved regional budgets in 201

6 and 2014 respectively in the delinquent commitments and the payment laws. "

It also refers to" payment of two purchase contracts d and goods and services, as a result of direct adjustments, prior to the publication of the corresponding files on the Public Contracts Portal, in disobedience with the CPC (Public Contracts Code) and "not subject to the prior service contract renewal inspection services with an initial value of EUR 293 619.00 (excluding VAT) increased to EUR 530 615.31 (excluding VAT) in violation of the Court's organization and procedure. "

TDC therefore recommends to the Board members by IASAÚDE, IP-RAM responsible for submitting the documents and contracts specified by the law for the previous opinion of the member of the government responsible for the finance field and the previous technical opinion to be issued by the competent body and the necessary authorization from the same member of the government in the adoption of multi-year fees "and" guarantee payments after publication in port public procurement alone "

It is also recommended that" prior control is the subject of documents or contracts that formalize objective changes to non-target contracts and which result in a deterioration in their financial charges of value over that provided for in the organization and the Court's procedure "

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