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Snowden advocates listening to Lava Jato messages

"T Every publication of private conversations causes some discomfort, but I think ministers, politicians, prosecutors and judges should be subject to such discomfort. They decide who goes to prison, who is released alive or dies, as well as our future. Regardless of where the information came from. If it is in the public interest and true, let it be disclosed, " defended Snowden when asked about the controversy in Brazil. [19659002] The current Minister of Justice and former Judge Sergio Moro, and members of Operation Lava Jet working group are involved in an eschan ] ndalo known as "Vaza Jet ", which began June 9 June when The Intercept Brazil and other media partners began to run reports that caused impartiality in what is the largest anti-corruption operation in the country.

Based on information obtained from an unidentified source and submitted to the American journalist and founder of The Intercept Brazil, Glenn Grennwald points out that Moro will have notified Lava prosecutors Jet stated lines of inquiry and advanced decisions while serving as judges responsible for reviewing cases at first instance .

If confirmed, the complaint suggests an unlawful act by the former Brazilian magistrate and prosecutors because the judges must keep the exception under the law of the country and are therefore prohibited from helping the parties involved in the proceedings.

Sergio Moro e Lava Prosecutor Jato for his part, denies having committed violations and criticizes reports from The Intercept and partner platforms, he says. who are hyped up and use calls that may have been tampered with and added that they were obtained through cyber crime.

It was also with the support of American investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald today at The Intercept Brazil that Edward Snowden published in 201

3 ultra-secret documents that made US surveillance ready for ordinary citizens through communication and internet esd ndalo who made amending laws in several countries.

The United States accused him of spying and assigning state secrets.

With esd ndalo Snowden got his passport canceled by United States where he is the target of a criminal act, which is currently lives in Russia.

Question See if progress n the restrictions on surveillance systems since the revealed US program, Edward Snowden stressed that little has changed.

"The European Union has approved the General Regulation on Data Protection Some monitoring programs were inactivated in the United States, but many others were created. Meanwhile, Germany has approved forms of mass surveillance and China begins use face recognition blur, even to check when someone leaves certain provinces, "he said.

"A The good news is that technology is moving forward. Not so long ago, less than half of the world's communications were encrypted . In 2016, it was somewhere around 70 percent," added computer system analysts.

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