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SIC counterattacks “Cristina’s Day” with special programming

“Dia de Cristina” opens on Wednesday 23 September and promises to win the Portuguese. SIC has prepared a special program for this day.

A SIC already prepared a special scheme for the “counterattack”. For the morning, “Casa Feliz” will try to meet Cristina Ferreira.

Diana Chaves e João Baião they will get “one of the most cherished characters in the country who is confused with the TV history of Portugal”, as the channel goes on.

In the afternoon, Hernâni Carvalho e Júlia Pinheiro present special editions of “Linha Aberta” and “Júlia”.

The program “Open line“Get exclusive interviews related to”

;Cricket case”. In turn, Júlia Pinheiro receives Armanda Leite, survivor of the accident that took Angélico Vieira’s life.

Marco Paulo e Barbara Guimarães it also returns to the big screen tomorrow.

Cristina’s day occupies TVI morning and afternoon

“Dia de Cristina” takes the place of the program “Você na TV”. In the afternoon it will be in the air, between 16 and 20 hours.

See TVI’s schedule for this day:

06:30 Morning Diary
10:15 Cristina’s day
13:00 Uma Journal
14:55 crossed destinations
16:15 Cristina Day
19h57 Newspaper
21h43 Love too much
22h35 Vill Destiny
00:00 Big Brother: The Revolution – Extra

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Check out the video shared by Cristina Ferreira:

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