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River Sport reaches more than 100,000 customers in Portugal – Out of Field

Today, Elva Sport announced that it has exceeded 100,000 subscribers' brand in Portugal, which allows the operator to reach an audience of over 250,000 people.

Premium sports content company says it was possible to reach this number after February 12, having closed the deal that had to distribute its channels in the major television operators in Portugal. It was the first time the company revealed the number of customers who paid € 9.99 per month to access their channels. It had previously revealed only how many times its application had been downloaded, as well as the number of supporters on social networks.

"Eleven Sports has seen impressive growth since the announcement of the agreement with all Pay TV in Portugal to distribute their channels," said the company's statement, adding that 250,000 Portuguese "have access to premium sports content broadcasts Elva Sport, after that the number of subscribers has exceeded the threshold of 1

00,000 subscriptions "

Eleven sports entered the Portuguese market last August, but for about six months it was only available at Nowo, an operator with a very small market share in the Portuguese market

. rights for Spanish, French and German football leagues, with the Champions League as their main asset. It was just during the quarter finals that Elven Sports exceeded the 100,000 subscriber mark.

"When we announced the agreement with the operators, we emphasized our confidence in the quality of our product and that we were confident that the market would recognize it. The figures we report today confirm what we have said and above all achieved success is to reveal the innovative and differentiated approach we have taken to the premium sports market in Portugal, "says Jorge Pavão de Sousa, the company's director general in Portugal

In addition to several European football leagues and champions, Elva Sport also has the right to send to Portugal other sports content, such as Formula 1 and American football.

"We will continue to invest in innovation, in connection with the acquisition of premium sports rights, which will meet the public interest, always with a competitive and differentiated price when we communicate and position ourselves against the rest of the Premium Sports offer in the Portuguese market. ", Jorge Pavão de Sousa added.

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