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Oppo can present camera phone during the screen June 26

Oppo makes the latest preparations to (possibly) revolutionize the smartphone world again. Earlier this month a small video was released demonstrating a new technology that allows the "hidden" front camera to be hidden under the screen.

Despite all the indications, this technology would still be far from ready for mass production "Oppo has confirmed that it will have news to present already June 26.

  Oppo event June 26
Oppo event June 26 during MWC19 in Shanghai

Will they already have a smartphone with the camera underneath the screen?

When they released the video demonstrating the prototype with this technology, the manufacturer's vice president revealed that the result was still far from desired, so it seems unlikely that the first camera's smartphone selfie will appear below the screen at the next event.

So it is possible that on June 26 we will only see a more complete demonstration than this technology will offer. close to being completed.

For those looking for the perfect, rude smartphone screen experience – prepare to adYou take a very first look at our under-display selfie camera technology. RT! Although we will get closer and closer to seeing this technology implemented in smartphones, it seems that it is not easy to find a way to get the most out. comes with some limitations. The fact that the front camera uses the "glass on the screen" as the lens will eventually result in a weaker performance compared to the current front cameras.

Who wins this competition between Oppo and Xiaomi

On the same day, Xiaomi also revealed a video showing a prototype of Xiaomi Mi 9, even with the front camera under the screen. But several pictures were published later that explained the whole technology, promising "perfect souls".

Of course, this statement by Xiaomi is completely contradictory to Oppo. If their promises are really reliable, Xiaomi may eventually launch a smartphone with this technology earlier than Oppo.

Anyway, we don't have to wait much longer to know a bit more about this Oppo technology.

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