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Next, invest 250 miles to build the Belmiro de Azevedo – Imobiliário

Chama-se "Jardins Efanor" or project immobiliario nos terrenos conhecidos por "Loteamento Efanor", which is the number of years and temples on the site of Belmiro de Azevedo (falecido high dois anos) come as a trabalhar esteve na génese do império Sonae, who is now a "holding" of the Azevedo family.

To the Deposits of the Acquisition of the Lot of Sonae Capital of 30 Miles to the Euros, and to the Grandavenue72 Announcement of the Segment Celebration, 11 November, which is Investor, by 2025, circa 250 Miles of the Euros to "Major" cidade dentro de uma cidade em Portugal ", as a result of a project that is finalized, utilized and extended to abandonada, situado justo NorteShopping, em Matosinhos, for the Belmiro de Azevedo chegou and idealizar for a complex of real estate the crisis.

A total of 1

20 square meters of square meters, including "Jardins Efanor" including services, commercial, hotel and zona residential (60% do total) with 400 apartments.

"First and foremost in real estate projects, with no qualifications or legacy of the Azevedo family, as far as fundraising is concerned. Queremos que Jardins Efanor sejam espaço de 'coliving' e 'coworking' coma a qualidade. With the 15-mile metro quadratic zone, as well as new trends in urbanism and privilege, but with the mobility and sustained mobility, "referring to Pedro Rolo, CEO of Invest & Co, expressed his response to the project, including communication.

The agreement with Invest & Co, or Jardins Efanor's project "to contract with the pre-tax phase, to 50% of our reserves in advance", prevendo que, "at the end of the first trimester of 2020, available in May 60 apartamentos de typologia T3 e T4 ".

A promoter of the real estate complex, a Grandavenue72, a detached family of Couto, then Telhabel, a dozen investors – interns with Daniel Klein, then real estate geonosis, and Spain's Gonzalo Alvargonzalez Figaredo, in the family of this the Espanha and the Determination of the Maritime Portfolio of Ership.

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