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NASA boss says he will meet deadline to return to moon 2024 – Business Times

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The American Buzz Aldrin was one of the astronauts walking on the moon (Photo: Nasa)] On the eve of the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Saturn V rocket that took Man to the Moon on July 16, 1969, NASA's chief administrator Jim Bridenstine confirmed on Monday that he intends to fulfill deadline set by US President Donald Trump to send a new manned mission to Earth's only natural satellite by 2024.

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Named Artemis -3, the mission would lead on board the first female astronaut to go on the moon and will begin the project to build a base at the South Pole that will be occupied from 2028, and meet Trump's second determination to return "to stay" there.

Tight schedule is subject to skepticism from the part of the development of the new SLS-rocket and the Orion capsule, which should only undergo the first integrated test with the launch of Artemis-1, a still unmanned predecessor mission, in the Moon's orbit between the second half of Bridenstine has ruled out the possibility of using another high capacity rocket that is already in operation or development, for example Falcon Heavy from the American company SpaceX, to achieve this goal and that the biggest problem is that the lack of even a project of one landing module on the moon, which would leave and return from the still planned lunar bypass called Gateway.

"We will go with SLS and ORIION, We can't go to the moon to be without it," said Bridenstine in a teleconference with the press this afternoon, which O GLOBO participated in. "But they just take us into Moon orbit, they do not have delta V, energy, enough to get to the surface.We need Gateway and its landing module, which with sun and electric propulsion will perform multiple missions, human and rooted to the surface of the Moon, spreading assets in more areas in the moon than ever. We want access to any part of the moon at any time, and Gateway and its moon module give it to us. "

Bridenstine also stated again that the return to the moon is only part of a larger project aimed at launch the first manned mission to Mars in the 2030s.

"We do this to learn to work and live in another world and use it to go to Mars" said. "What we are trying to do is use the moon as a scale to develop and have the maximum technology and systems that will be applicable and replicable in the mission to Mars."

In the midst of so many challenges, the experts' doubts have increased with Bridenstine's decision last week to remove William Gerstenmaier from the management of the Agency's Division for Human Investigations and Operations, which he led for 14 years, and Bill Hills Deputy Head of Exploration Systems Development, who monitors the construction of the SLS by the American space giant Giant Boeing.

"If NASA is able to go to the moon in 2024, it is a lot for Gerstenmaier's efforts," Bridenstine admitted. "He supervised and defended programs that could easily be cut recently, that human space exploration was not a priority government. But it is one thing to run a program when the government is opposed to human exploitation of space and another thing when is for whom who will take us where we want to go within the costs and schedule we have. "

However, Bridenstine has ensured that the project's acceleration back to the moon will not be" Our first priority is still the security of our astronauts, "he said. "Costs and timings, but our priorities have not changed, but it is also true that what NASA does is implicitly dangerous, so let's do our utmost to reduce the risks, but also to achieve our goals."

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