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More than 30 sea turtles were found dead on Brazilian beaches – News

The biologist explained that green sea turtles are one of the most vulnerable species because they travel along the coastal zone, making them more affected by human behavior.

"People need to learn to live without taking space for animals," Brayner concluded.

The study "Solution of plastic pollution: Transparency and accountability", carried out by the WWF – World Wide Fund for Nature, revealed in March this year that Brazil is the fourth country in the world to produce the most plastic waste.

According to WWF, Brazil produced 1

1.3 million tonnes of plastic waste that left the United States alone

The volume of plastic going to the oceans each year is about 10 million tonnes, which is equivalent to 23,000 Boeing 747 aircraft landing in the ocean and oceans every year.

At this rate, before 2030, we find the equivalent of 26,000 bottles of plastic at sea per km2, reveals the survey conducted by WWF

"Marine pollution is a cross-border problem that all countries share. Plastic objects travel in ocean currents, compromise ecosystems and wildlife. Without urgent systematic changes to how plastic is produced, consumed and disposed of, plastic contamination is expected to double in 2030, "the NGO said on its website.

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