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Mercedes-Benz and Renault. The 6 differences in the engine 1.5 Diesel split

According to Mercedes-Benz diesel engines are in good health and recommended. Suppose without complexity that gasoline engines continue to win the ground – not to mention the electric … – The German brand, however, believes that diesel technology continues to have a future. That is why the Stuttgart-based brand has upgraded the well-known Renault 1.5 Diesel engine (K9K series) to equip its new Mercedes-Benz Class A 180d (W177 generation). This engine with the code name OM 608 thus goes into a renewed range of engines: OM 654 (from the Mercedes-Benz E220d class) and the OM 656 (from the Mercedes-Benz S-Class 400d). Without forget about the new Mercedes Diesel Plug, we have already talked about it

We have made this article considering the request requests that have come to us – because of this article that continues to add thousands of views. NOTE: The following lines will be intended for the technical characteristics of the OM 608 engine, so if you only want to know what the differences between them make sweeps for the end of the article.

Renault / Mercedes-Benz. Is everything the same?

The answer is no. And with this we do not say that the OM 608 (Mercedes-Benz) engine is better than the K9K (Renault) engine, or vice versa. This is not what this is about.

Due to economies of scale (use of shared components within the same brand) or because of the differences in character that each brand defines for its engines, there are characteristics that change from one model to another. model.

The Mercedes Volkswagen Group's engines take different e-management maps depending on the brand – even if final figures are not changed. 19659009] Picture of one of the versions of the Renault 1.5 dCi engine (version K9K 846).

Return to the engine deriving from this article, its code name is "OM 608". This is a development of the "OM 607" engine that we already knew from the previous generation of the Mercedes-Benz A class (W176). In this new version, the power of the 1.5 liter Diesel block has increased by 7 hp, which is now 115 hp (85 kW) at 4000 rpm, while the maximum torque now stands at an interesting 260 Nm at 1750 rpm

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