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Medicare and TLC Marketing launch experience and discount platform

Medicare launched an innovative platform to manage its loyalty program, based on offering experience, in collaboration with TLC Marketing. For every euro paid in monthly fees for a Platinum Health Plan, Medicare assigns a point that can be converted into a euro rebate on wellness or entertainment experiences.

In this program, everything that the client invests in the family’s health and protection, through Medicare Platinum Health Plan Monthly fees, can be exchanged for experiences, leisure activities and discounts on useful things for a better life.

To implement this innovative initiative in the health insurance segment, Medicare and TLC Marketing developed a partnership that was realized in the construction of a platform and a complete program with experiences and offers that fit the profile of Medicare customers.

David Legrant, Medicare CEO, emphasizes that “The creation of this loyalty program together with TLC Marketing, together with the launch of a platform designed to present the experiences that customers can access, is another innovative way that Medicare has found to add value to the health plans it offers. In addition, we chose this program because it fits the vision we have that health requires a holistic view, but also because it is a way to reward our customers, add health services, moments of leisure and well-being, which are equally important“.

Medicare loyalty program

The program is simple and free. Thus, for each monthly fee, the Medicare customer collects points that he can exchange for offers and discounts at one hundred partners. Just go to the platform, create an account and log in to start using the respective points.

A user-friendly program, where the customer can access the platform via the computer or application available on Google Play or the App Store, and who can consult the accumulated points and use them immediately.

There are hundreds of offers across the country that customers can enjoy by exchanging points. From north to south, including islands, there are discounts, 2 × 1

offers and unique free experiences such as massage, hotels, restaurants, theater, gym and activities in nature.

This program is valid for holders of Platinum Series Health Plans.

See the conditions for awarding and redeeming points at medicare.pt/pontos

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