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Lightyear One will be the first long-distance electric electric car

We are all witnesses to a permanent revolution in today's automotive industry. In addition to the innovations in electric cars that are on the market, projects are presented that draw further development of this segment. Lightyear wants to do better, or even integrate solar cells into the electric car.

This company, based in Helmond, the Netherlands, has a project that has received funding from the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. Lightyear A teaser image, the first long-distance electric car "width =" 720 "height =" 411 "class =" aligncenter wp-image-590285 size medium "srcset =" https://pplware.sapo.pt/wp-content/uploads /201

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Lightyear One will be the first long-distance electric electric car

A Lightyear announced its first fembilans solar car full electric long-distance locations.

The company is proud of having raised 15 million euros for the project in less than two years and opened his own production facility in Helmond.

The low volume production of Lightyear One is expected to begin in 2020 . So far, nearly 100 people have booked the car leaving their deposits.

Solar Electric Car Features

Thanks to the lightweight design and aerodynamic shape, the car is expected to have a range of 400 to 800 km (250-500 miles) and the photovoltaic cells can theoretically provide

As for the engine, this will not having one, but 4. This is because each wheel has its own engine and thereby achieves a possible efficiency improvement and also gets traction on all four wheels

About we return earlier this year, we see that the brand is adapted to the challenge of the European Union. This unit promotes projects so that electric cars can reach a thousand kilometers of autonomy.

June will be presented by the long-distance electric electric car

According to the company's press release on June 25, Lightyear Prototype One will be presented in Katwijk, the Netherlands. The prototype eagerly awaits environmentalists and car enthusiasts, as well as those who have already booked a Lightyear One.

Prices and Availability

Lightyear One has prices from € 119,000 excluding taxes, which is very expensive.

The production plan contains three versions:

  • Signature Edition 10, early 2020) requires a deposit of € 119,000
  • Pioneer Edition (first 100 in 2020) requires a deposit of € 119,000
  • Lightyear One (# 101 - # 500, 2021) requires a deposit of € 19,000 [19659022] Lightyear One (from # 501, end of 2021) requires a deposit of € 4,000

So we are facing a car that doesn't come as soon as as possible for the masses, but that if one day shows the concept its performance, then the market will surely have a car that will be self-adhesive.

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