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Jorge Jesus gave impressive statement after thrashing in Maracanã

Flamengo lived a love climate last Sunday, between teams and fans. This happened after the excellent performance of the match against Goiás, for the 10th round of the Brazilian championship.

Under the spell on the maestro

Rubro-Negro team won 6 to 1 and the atmosphere in Maracanã was quite favorable for the show that the players in the field showed. Jorge Jesus Portuguese coach made his debut at Maracanã and left the fans euphoric with a convincing victory against the Goian team. Flamengo started the game with another and offensive lineup, with Cuellar and Renê starting on the bench, the latter giving way to Peruvian Trauco and Aaron was the only team flyer.

With an offensive team and squeezed by nearly 70,000

Jorge Jesus was very involved in the game, he portrayed, gave instructions, he gave the instructions, when the game ended, he called the players, it was as if the team was an orchestra and followed commands under the leader's play at the edge of the field.

It may be 7 or 8

After the match, press release, Jorge Jesus stressed the player's commitment and the intensity that their commander applied. One of the most interesting moments in the coach's interview was when he replied that Flamengo could have scored 7 or 8 goals in the match, with all due respect for Goias of course.

In other points of the interview, the coach talked about the changes in the team and the importance of Willian Arão in the red-black team. The coach did not say that this will be the team from now on, said that the team will rotate and that the ranking depends on the opponent and the competition.

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