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Investing a dollar a day on bitcoin can leave a millionaire

Investing in bitcoin is a routine task for many investors investing in criptomoeda. Among different strategies, there are those who apply for bitcoin daily. And in nine years, a dollar spent on criptomoeda could have raised $ 18 million. Or less than five reais invested in bitcoin would result in nearly R $ 68 million.

The price of bitcoin has already experienced moments of immense appreciation in the market. However, unexpected cases are not new to the crypt in recent years. But investing in bitcoin can leave a millionaire?

Investing in bitcoin could have resulted in a fortune for those who did it nine years ago. Only if R 3.75 a day applied in criptomoeda can result in nearly R $ 68 million currently. The value corresponds to a daily application in the crypto man since 201


This tactic would not follow the best moments for buying and selling bitcoin over the past nine years. In addition, the numbers show a significant gain in daily applications in crypto currency without making continuous purchases and sales, for example.

An investor who has decided to apply every day since 2010 in bitcoin can be a millionaire these days. It didn't take much to invest in criptomoeda. Given the quote at that time, the real one was much valued than it is now.

Thus, the investor would have accumulated R $ 68 million in bitcoins today, would have to start investing much less in crypto. In 2010, the dollar quote was below R $ 2, quite different from the current R $ 3.75. Thus, the return on investment would be more than 550,000% during the period.

Applications in the cryptomaniac gave a long-term profit

The price of bitcoin reached about $ 20,000 in the price, record high in the market. Although criptomoeda is far from its current record, bitcoin continues to represent profits for long-term investors.

In nine years, a dollar invested every day in bitcoin can be over $ 18 million today. However, in 2010 few people knew about crypto. On the other hand, long-term investment in bitcoin in other periods is also promising.

Who went into the market afterwards and decided to continuously invest in cryptomania was also gaining profit. For daily investments in bitcoin since 2015, the result may have reached 1 151.38%. So, who invested a dollar in bitcoin over the past five years may have accumulated $ 22,850 or even more than $ 85,000.

In total over the past five years, the investor would have spent $ 1,826 over the entire period or nearly R $ 7,000.

Bitcoin gave those who invested every day in criptomoeda

Bitcoin resulted in revenues for those investors who applied in the cryptic assets over the long term. This even went to those who recently entered the market. Not all investors could face the cryptomans years ago.

Who decided to apply a dollar every day on bitcoin may have accumulated a satisfactory profit. This was also true for those investors who did it three years ago. A dollar invested in bitcoin since 2017 would have yielded a cumulative gain of 302.44%. In other words, it would be applied in criptomoeda R $ 4 107.89 over the last three years. As compensation, the accumulated amount during the same period will be $ 16,529.11.

Bitcoin may have resulted in profits even for those who invested in cryptography just a year ago. The one who applied the dollar amount for bitcoin about a year ago may have found 58.93% gain. This is the rating index for the crypto view during this period. The investment amount would be R $ 1369, for a cumulative bitcoin investment of R $ 2,175 over the past twelve months.

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