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Instagram will cease dedicated direct application

  Instagram and Direct

Instagram have shown that it will begin to cease its dedicated application to send messages, "Direct". The application was available as an addition to the traditional Instagram app, allowing access to users' messages and stories.

According to the announcement that the platform is presented to all users of the app, however, it will be interrupted briefly. This does not mean that "Direct" ceases to exist – on the contrary.

All messages and functions that previously existed in Direct can now be found directly in the Instagram app. The social network further emphasizes that none of the messages will get lost in the process and that users can remove the app from "Direct" without losing access to the content.

 message in direct app

So far, it is not advanced when the app stops working, and the company only states that the interruption takes a few weeks. Currently, it is still available for download and installation from the Google and Apple app stores.

Direct was launched by Instagram in mid-2017 as a way to create a dedicated platform for sending messages within Instagram, having received a dedicated app for this purpose as a way to distinguish the content of Instagram and messages – in one format similar to what Facebook did with Messenger.

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