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How to enable parental control in the Android Play Store

Play Store is the perfect place to access apps on Android. There we can find all the proposals that are in this ecosystem, regardless of usability.

Of course, this store contains apps that are not suitable for all ages. Therefore, it is important to enable parental control in the Android Play Store. Let's see how they can do it.

 Android Play Store Parental Control Music Applications

Limited access to some apps in the Play Store is a guarantee for many users. These can only be viewed by apps that are adapted to their age and which ones to access. Google makes this limitation with parental control.

Access to Play Store Settings

Access to this control is done within the Play Store itself. It will be here that this restriction will be introduced and so should start this app to start the process.

Then and because they need to change some parameters in the Play Store itself should open the app menu. Then select Settings .

Enable parental control for Google Apps Store

In the Play Store preferences area, look for the Parental Control option.

There you see the opportunity to activate parental control. They only need to change the switch to the position where it is activated. From then on, parental control is ready to control the presented programs.

Protection against configuration changes

Of course, Google thought that this configuration could be changed by those who didn't.

From that moment on, they can exit the Parental Control configuration.

Restriction Applications and Games

In the first option, you can define the PEGI rating that you will be able to access.

All you have to do is set the device to all apps and all games without limits. that they want to allow access to. This is a filter for sorting apps in the Play Store. To exit you just need to press the Save button

Restrict the proposed song

They can also set limits for the music suggested in the Play Store. This filter will work to keep explicit and offensive content from the proposals. Just need to enable this option.

With this last step, the parental control setting is ready. From that moment there will be no apps, games or songs that fall outside the rules.

This is the perfect solution for applying to a smartphone of any younger or wanting to restrict access to dedicated older apps. It is easy to implement and guarantee safety for parents and trainers.

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