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Goucha accepts the invitation from programs he has already sued – The Television

It's already this Thursday that RTP1 celebrates 10 years of "5 For Midnight". Manuel Luís Goucha is one of the program's guests who will be broadcast live from Lx Factory in Lisbon.

TVI's morning show host will talk to Filomena Cautela, in the special anniversary release of the public station format. Even with an exclusive contract, the Queluz station accepted the participation of the host "Você na TV!" In the competing program.

However, this invitation follows the controversy where the two were involved. To remember, on December 28, 2009, Filomena Cautela joked with the presenter's sexual orientation, where she called him "presenter".

At that time, the host asked guest John Manzarra to choose "Best of the Year". The hypotheses were Filomena Cautela, Cláudia Vieira, Carolina Patrocínio or Manuel Luís Goucha. The host did not like what he heard, and in less than 24 hours he contacted the show to show his dissatisfaction.

Filomena Cautela apologized and admitted that everything was just a joke and that he regretted having reacted to this. way. The case ended up in court. The national authorities justified the format of the public station and prompted Goucha to refer the European Court of Human Rights to an action against the Portuguese State under Article 1

4 of the European Convention on Human Rights against discrimination [19659003] As soon as the court's decision was heard, Maria Cerqueira Gomes published TV partner a text on her blog about what happened. "Despite the unfortunate sentiments given in sentence, there is no effective evidence that the judge's decision has been motivated by prejudice. And that satire (this in relation to the program which is the source of all this demand), which always has the purpose of provoking and touching , is marked by exaggeration. "

In addition to Goucha, also Johnny Hooker, The Brazilian artist who has several concerts planned for our country will be on the couch at" 5 ". The program will also count on the presence of grandfather Cantigas, Oskar & Gaspar and Cais Sodre Funk Connection!

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