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Funchal availability brigada de Bombeiros Sapadores for combater incase of canaries

A Câmara Municipal do Funchal is available from offices, manhã, uma brigada of Bombeiros Sapadores do Funchal for combats and graves next time and decorator after Arquipociation de Canárias, contact with the office of Gran Canada government Canarias and the Câmara Municipal of Las Palmas, a capital of Arquipélago.

“Face graves including florestais in the north of Canárias, especially in Gran Canária, manifesto, a name of the Cámara Municipal do Funchal, solidarity in the todos os nossos munícipes for a more popular affair and todos to fight as chamas ”, pode ler-se na carta enviada by Miguel Silva Gouveia, president of Câmara do Funchal.

“ Manifestamos também o nosso e apoio para com as nossas congéneres Autarquias Canarianas, retribuo or apoio manifesto nos recentes e catastrophic incidents of 201

6 e que afectaram Significant Cidade of Funchal, although in Câmara Municipal of Funchal, are available from the brigada of Bombeiros Sapadores do Funchal, with preliminary information, to dislocate it with missions and a combination of protections and salaries, As a result of Funchal's autonomy, it is agora that responds to the causes, the manuscript and the fact that it is necessary to do so as a necessity for any and all of the functions that are available to the organization, which is a situation in which it is resolved function (h, a, i, c, j, d, g) {if (h.fbq) {return} j = h.fbq = function () {j.callMethod? j.callMethod .apply (j, arguments): j.queue.push (arguments)}; if (! h._fbq) h._fbq = {j} j = j.push; j.loaded =! 0; j.version = " 2.0 "; j.queue = []d = a.createElement (in); d.async =! 0; d.src = c; g = a.getElementsByTagName (in) [0]; g.parentNode.insertBefore (d, g)} (window, document, "script", "https://connect.facebook.net/en_ U.S. / fbevents.js "); FBQ (" init "," 641791102870161 "); FBQ (" track "," Page view ");
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