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Following allegations of sexual abuse of young, new images of Prince Andrew appear in the company of minors

Queen Elizabeth II's son-in-law is involved in a sexual scandal.


August 19, 2019, 11:52 AM

The Prince's Engagement André in the cases of Sexual Abuse of Minors is getting more and more complicated and difficult to explain. The newspaper Daily Mail continues the news that there are new images that affect this royal in cases of pedophilia and sexual abuse for which he has been accused. Queen's Middle Son Isabel II was home to Jeffrey Epstein a millionaire accused of human trafficking who recently committed suicide in prison. There is also an exclusive video of the media where the millionaire is seen in company with a young woman leaving the mansion where parties were held and there briefly sees the Duke of York saying goodbye to another

Epstein and his entourage visited the Balmoral farm as part of a week-long trip to the UK, during which they also stayed in the London House Ghislaine Maxwell socialite is accused of recruiting underage girls to the sexual network. One of the young women who was on one of Epstein's trips spoke to the international press and explained how Prince Andrew received her at the castle in 1

999 after Epstein began recruiting minors as sex slaves. The statements came after the Duke of York's visit to Epstein was discovered in his New York home in 2010, two years after the businessman was arrested for sexually abusing a minor.

The Princess of the Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice revealed this Saturday, August 17, to be shocked by the accusations against Epstein. By an official source at Buckingham Palace, he reported that "His Royal Highness abhors the exploitation of any human being and the idea that he could tolerate, participate in or encourage such behavior is disgusting."

Remember In 2010, the British showed The magazine featured exclusive images of Prince Andrew leaving Epstein's house, called "Mansion of Horrors" by some of the victims, when several minors came in and left their interior. A young woman who attended one of these parties 20 years ago says she spoke briefly to Prince André. "He was very nice and polite" confirms by mentioning that he was accompanied by a guard. The same source, who chose to remain anonymous, recalls that the group remained in the castle overnight and the next day. Many believe it will have happened in late summer or autumn.

In June 2010, Epstein and Maxwell attended a party held at Windsor Castle, hosted by the Queen, to mark the 40th birthday of the Prince André Princess's 50th Birthday Ana Princess's 70th Birthday Margarida and Prince's 18th Birthday ] William

The following year, the Duke of York met a new member of Epstein's group: Virginia Roberts, who claims to have been part of a visit to London with the financier when he met Prince Andrew and had sex with Han in the bath. She claims to have had sex with him three times in London and New York when she was 17. Her testimony turned out to have no effect during the 2014 trial, where Prince Andrew denied sexual involvement with her.

At that time, and on the charges, official source at Buckingham Palace reportedly stated: "We totally deny that the Duke of York had sexual contact with Virginia Roberts. The charges are false and unfounded. " But it was photographed with her hand around her waist.

Virginia spent about a year on these types of trips. After that, Epstein offered him a house in New York, rented it himself and later offered him a college. and Epstein met when Virigina worked as a model.

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