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Examination points out the 12 most epidemic districts of dengue in the city


Três Lagoas is living a very critical scenario in possible cases this year; The third Aedes aegypti Index Survey (LIRAa 2019) in Três Lagoas revealed even more alarming data than the municipality had registered since the end of last year when it encountered a severe epidemic of dengue fever. The current scenario is even more critical compared to the previous study, according to the study, which pointed to 12 districts of Três Lagoas as the most epidemic disease. According to the latest survey, the neighborhood with the highest number of outbreaks of mosquitoes transmitting dengue, chikungunya and zika: Centro, Interlagos, Lapa, Vila Nova, Jardim Alvorada, Paranapungá, Vila Alegre, Vila Piloto, Santa Luzia, Vila Haro, Parque San Carlos and Osmar Dutra. The report also indicates that the blocks mentioned in the previous LIRAa do not occur in the last.

The study pointed out that the mosquito infection increased relative to the first two this year. In this report, the index was 2.5% and therefore the scenario of the Ministry of Health is not recommended, which is below 1

%. According to the criteria for mass evaluation, it is evaluated as a "warning situation". The data show that for every 100 homes visited, three mosquito outbreaks were identified. The index was 1.1% in April and 1.4% in March.

According to the coordinator of the Endemic and Vector Control Division, Alcides Divino Ferreira will fight the work in the streets of the city. "Spraying and smoking are still our strategies.

Endemic agents visited 2,795 properties and in this verified the existence of Aedes aegypti breeding grounds in 70 of them

Another fact is that garbage is generally played in backyards and even inside homes, such as cans, plastic containers, scrap and debris, 25.5% of those are found, small mobile tanks, such as buckets, containers, plastic cups, pet fountains, and so-called "fixed deposits", such as bathroom drains, unused sanitary ware or uninhabited house, also appears as mosquito net.

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