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Destroyed in Arouca cut the road for two days. No one knows if there are any victims | accidents

A collapse on Monday night in Arouca caused the EN326 road to be interrupted in both directions. The amount of material disrupted on the track, with an extension of about 50 meters, does not yet know if there are any victims under the wreck, but the authorities believe that it is not. The incident occurred around 11:30 am in a residential area located between Ponte da Ribeira and Mansores, near the access to the variant for quick access to Arouca (Aveiro district).

The chairman of the Mansores council, Jorge Oliveira, was on site early in the morning and tells PÚBLICO that they are about 50 meters off the road affected by the collapse. "There is no certainty as to whether someone is down, but we do not believe it. There is no one nearby, but this is a long way," says Jorge Oliveira.

"The road can be impossible in the next two days," admits the mayor and says that there was a "big case of stone" and that this section is covered "with many rocks." Now, along with Portugal's infrastructure, the rest of the rock that is "imminent risk of fall" will be destroyed and the road will come Jorge Oliveira clarifies that there had been a "recent intervention" on the road and that it is likely that the fall of the rock and this expert work would hurt it.

The mayor says there are alternatives to go in and leave Mansores, but "are more conditioned" ̵

1; there are areas where heavy vehicles cannot pass, for example. "This is very much, there is a large industrial area here, many trucks pass, as well as public transport", s. he gives. "The machines already came to the stage and we will try to open one of the ways, but it is still not right." Firemen also believe that there should be no victims among the walls: "No one lives in that area, a fate, but we can not say for sure if there are any victims or not, because with the high ground there, we can still not know if any or any car was buried there, "he told Lusa commander of volunteer firefighters Arouca, José Gonçalves

The man is optimistic, but because of the characteristics of the landslide: "As it was a landslide, which usually happens is that if the lands were retrieved they would shoot the victims, and they would appear at the bottom of the end. José Gonçalves still has no explanation for what happened, considering that on Monday "the city was considered" stable "


The commander further noted that "that area was always considered stable and never represented any danger" but acknowledged that

The municipality of Arouca, Margarida Belém, stated that the public company Infraestrutura de Portugal "evaluates the situation as it is a national road". Municipal civil protection service also monitors the case.

The aim is that "the situation should be resolved as soon as possible, protecting all necessary security conditions". District Command of Relief Operations (CDOS) in Aveiro tells PÚBLICO that it has no information about the event.

Commander José Gonçalves predicted that the removal of the garbage is "a job to delay because the country cannot be rearranged and trucks will be needed to transport it" to landfills elsewhere. The president of the Mansores council, Jorge Oliveira, says there is a landfill in Mansores that can be used to deposit the garbage.

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