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Dengue: Sexually Transmitted Case Confirmed in Spain

The Brazilian Ministry of Health has confirmed 596.38 thousand cases of dengue this year by June 10, with a probable number of cases of 1,127 million. One of the major concerns regarding dengue prevention is vector control, the mosquito Aedes aegypti . However, a disturbing new form of media transmission was reported this week: sexual.

An article in the newspaper El Pais reported that Ramón y Cajal Hospital in Madrid diagnosed dengue in a young man. who affected the disease by maintaining unprotected relationships with another person who had acquired the virus during a Caribbean trip. This is one of the first sexually confirmed infections in the world, as there are only references in the scientific literature on another similar case in South Korea.

The pollution of this victim in Madrid was confirmed at the end of September and puzzled scientists because he did not I had traveled to a country where dengue is endemic. There were also no mosquitoes in their area to justify pollution.

Interestingly, his companion had experienced the same symptoms about ten days earlier and had traveled to Cuba. According to the tests, both had dengue. In addition, an analysis of their samples revealed that they were the same type of virus circulating in Cuba.

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This discovery illustrates a new way of transmitting the virus, which can have a major impact as it raises some questions. Should we also have cases of sexual transmission in endemic regions? Is Aedes aegypti less guilty than we ever imagined? We await further studies with clarification.

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