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Krovinovic paid the bill to Benfica supporters in a bar – Sport

On vacation in his home country, Croatia, Filip Krovinovic found a Benfica fan, Emanuel Carreira. The midfielder shared the moment on Instagram and was punished by the t-shirt's color: "Unfortunately for blue color." Krovinovic, 23, also told the barmaiden that what the Portuguese group consumed was on his behalf and asked for phone numbers to offer invitations to Luz and …

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Prada guarantees "PSD conforms to the law"

PSD-M, through its Secretary-General, José Prada, is not categorical in that "PSD conforms to the law and will always follow the law" Social Democrats leaders refer to what the National Election Commission says about the election projects to confirm "we have followed the law ". According to the lawyer, the ban on propaganda the day before and on the day …

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In 2018, more than 400 packs were sold morning after pills a day

More than one million packs of pills of the following day were sold between 2012 and 2018. According to data from Correio da Manhã's National Medicines and Health Products Authority (Infarmed) According to the same data, sales decreased by 7% between 2016 and 2017. "The reduction in the number of emergency contraception is always good, but a million packages are …

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PS will file a criminal complaint against PSD for violation of electoral law

In a statement signed by the Vice-President of PS-Madeira, Miguel Iglésias, it is now known that the Socialists will present a criminal complaint against the PSD-Madeira for violation of the electoral rights following the controversy that today erupted campaign posters for the European elections , this all day for reflection. This is the answer to the Social Democrats' complaint. "PSD, …

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PSD / M avança com queixa crime pela retirada de cartazes

"As a superior argument, social justice resolutions are dealt with by colocados in an agreement with Festa do PSD / Madeira on July 28, following the propaganda, after cidade do Funchal. The cartes for four-member subscriptions are part of the social-democratic campaigning of Europe's ”, come on exploration of the PSD / M on the basis of justification for crime-related …

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Parish of Lisbon center will begin to cure poorly parked scooters

The parish of the center of Lisbon is starting to get well despite being parked The Parish Council of Santa Maria Maior starts on June 1 and also contains collection of street equipment. There are already several brands (19659004) To coincide with the beginning of the Lisbon Festival, the Parish Council of Santa Maria Maior, in the historic capital of …

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