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Carolina Loureiro returns to surprise in lingerie – The Television

Carolina Loureiro shared, on Thursday, a photograph that has raised temperatures on social networks. The presenter published a photograph in which she appears in lingerie, with pieces from the new Intimissimi collection, which she is an ambassador. The enviable body did not go unnoticed in the eyes of the followers who quickly praised the beauty of the young woman. Also, …

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Felipa Garnel is the new program director for TVI – Observer

Felipa Garnel succeeds Bruno Santos in the direction of TVI program, according to information released by the channel. The former director was responsible for eight years. Felipa Garnel was the presenter of SIC, RTP and TVI and worked as an advertiser on RTP and RTP2. He also served as director of the Caras and Lux ​​magazines. The new feature marks …

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"Worst scene I've ever seen in life" – The Television

Olívia Ortiz returned to the small screen, after a while away to steal in a musical moment in your face Gala is no wonder to me this Sunday. The presenter was a special guest on the issue, but did not imprison or conquer the viewers. The digital influencer focused on Nemmy's hip hop music. Fan reactions were not very positive. …

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"Sweetest Popcorn" offended by teenagers after jokes for influencers – News

"The cutest Popcorn" is the main protagonist of one of the latest controversies in social networks. Ana Garcia Martins, the real name of the author of the famous blog recently made a video in which she played with strong-color makeup, glitter or purpurinas using influencers currently at summer festivals. Surprised by the alleged criticism, there were several young people, between …

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"A few years ago, the summer festivals visited by people."

Mafalda Sampaio, known in the digital sphere, as Maria Vaidosa, also turned to social networks to make the aftermath of themes that gave more than talking about NOS Alive. The one who is one of the most notorious personalities in the digital commented first and foremost on the wave of criticism of the surplus of glitter in appearance. "" A …

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"Would you wear bike shorts again?"

The question was asked by a youth from the production of "Você na TV". Filipe Carmo will receive a series of unfair questions and the guinea pig was the presenter Maria Cerqueira Gomes. "Mary, what I ask you is: Knowing what you know today, you would return to wearing the cycling pants in 1st Gala of & # 39; Your …

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