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Pharol worsens losses to 806.5 million euros in 2017 – Company

Pharol reported losses of EUR 806.5 million last year, compared with losses of EUR 61.9 million the year before in a year marked by Pharol's accounting changes in its investment in the Brazilian operator Oi – holding 27.5% of the capital through subsidiary Bratel. Considering the effects of the accounting adjustments [19459109] presented by Oi, Pharol's net profit was negative …

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DORBE of PCP requires improvement in the provision of health care

Other to DORBE in health care for the population deteriorates daily and the dramatic lack of resources people, there is no basic material for current consumption, as well as the inhumane conditions of care and stay in Speed ​​service, long delays in some of the health centers and for some specialties in Hospital. These Ideas that came from the latest …

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Portugal and Greece are the most deviating from the 3% deficit ceiling

Eurostat notes that Portugal had a deficit of 3% in 2017. Historically, the Portuguese deficit has reached the covenant target (3%) to 2% of GDP since the euro was created Portugal and Greece In the late 1990s, further from the Stability Pact's target, which implies a ceiling of 3% of gross domestic product (GDP) government deficit, according to updated data …

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Lucros e receitas da Alphabet superam previsões – Empresas

A Alphabet – Substitute for a 100% -attest of reports to report on the results of the first quarter of the fiscal year, as well as the result of the volume of the negatives as well as the project analysts. [19659002] A contributing factor to superior performance is the fact that there are many factories that have been published in …

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"The future of tourism is not certain" – Publituris

Consolidation of tourism's strength and preparation of the future sector is the mission of the Portuguese Tourism Federation (CTP) Board, which took its Monday the 23rd day of the decade 2018-2021. At a ceremony such as the Prime Minister, António Costa, and several present and former leaders, CTP President Francisco Calheiros presented several challenges to the future of tourism, saying …

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International Associations Urges Portuguese Regulator to Defend Network Neutrality – Observer

The Portuguese association "D3 – Digital Rights Defense", together with 12 other international organizations promoting free access to the Internet, asks ANACOM to "defend Internet neutrality and enforce European rules that guarantee citizens an Internet free and open", according to a statement released Monday. The position was taken within the framework of the public consultation adopted by ANACOM, the National …

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