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New Google Maps functionality is one of the most important

Google Maps has announced a new feature to help users in natural disasters or in crisis zones. The update, which is part of Google's SOS alerts, will provide up-to-date information on floods, earthquakes and hurricanes. The emergency navigation system updates real-time people about the emergency by changing the route, if The update, which occurs early in the Atlantic hurricane season, …

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Vegan beef revolution in fast food restaurants can help save the planet

Daniel Foster / Flickr The continued growth of meat consumption vegan can lead fast food restaurants to maintain a revolution in the global food market that can ultimately save the planet. A few years ago, the meat vegan was nothing more than a distant dream for most consumers. Substitutes for meat in supermarkets lacked variety and quality. Vegetable-based burgers were …

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Is lack really an important factor in Bitcoin's estimate?

The issue of scarcity is seen as central to the Bitcoin community, with limited availability generally regarded as a virtue in a world where governments unlimitedly write fiduciary coins. With the value of Bitcoin running day by day, the digital asset is close to its saturation point. According to the AMB Crypto website, 17 763 712 BTC has currently been …

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Query o novo Kangoo? Veja aqui – Observador

Não é normal um veículo, seja ele qual for, sobreviver tantos anos num mercado competitivo como o europeu. Apesar de serículo comercial – a que una possa uma versa de passageiros -, o Renault Kangoo viu a primeira doção resistir 10 anos (de 1997 a 2007), com a segunda a elevar mais a parada, pois surgiu em 2007 e ainda …

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Kia we could have … if we lived somewhere else – Observer

Even global models are no longer what they were. And the proof is the new Seltos, Kia as the South Korean brand intended as a global vehicle and that will be sold as such. Except on the European continent, for now. It is a fact that profitability means that manufacturers want to produce as many units in the same way, …

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High ciberataques à Sonae os todos os minutos. About jogo do gato e do rato

© DR 21 Junho, 2019 • 23:59 Cláudia Azevedo, president of the Sonae grupo, Daniel Bessa, economist e antigo ministro da Economia, e Sérgio Rebelo, professor da Kellogg School of Management, são We are proud of the Vida do Diniro, nowadays special gravada in vivo after decorating the Encontro Fora da Caixa, which decorate the Fundação Cupertino de Miranda, no …

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