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BOLA – Islamic State Group says it has done several injuries and prisoners (Mozambique)

The "jihadist" Islamic State (IS) group today announced that it was refusing a military attack in northern Mozambique against one of its positions, in a confrontation that provoked several victims and took a prisoner.

The information is published in EI Al-Naba Bulletin.

Analysts and field sources contacted by Lusa have so far rejected the connection of these attacks in the northern country to international terrorist movements by Islamic extremism, pointing to local tensions in communities as the cause of the violence.

The terrorist organization says its men in Cabo Delgado Province, northern Mozambique – who say they are part of the Central African Caliphate ̵

1; "rejected an attack on their positions" in the Mbau area of ​​Mocimboa da Praia district. conducted by "several soldiers of the Mozambican and Russian armies" on Sunday, the 13th

weapons and ammunition "left by the military" behind the flight.

The Mozambican Ministry of Defense announced yesterday that it had conducted an artillery attack following this confrontation described by the Islamic State, where it managed to neutralize several members of the armed groups.

The artillery strike was executed on Wednesday, it announced. Russia has denied Lusa military personnel on Mozambican soil.

Mozambique's Foreign Minister and Minister of Cooperation, Jose Pacheco, announced two weeks ago that Russian support concerns the provision of military equipment.

The area in question, sometimes called Nbau and sometimes Mbau, was the scene of clashes on September 23 following an attack alleged by the & # 39; jihadist & # 39; the group where 10 people were killed and several houses burned down, including the headquarters of the reigning Mozambican Liberation Front (Frelimo).

The Cabo Delgado region has been affected since October 2017 by armed attacks by groups raised in mosques in the region that erupted in Mocimboa da Praia.

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