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Berardo faces a trial for violating the right to image

and Berardo will be inclined to prosecute members of the Caixa Geral de Depositos (CGD) parliamentary inquiry commission.

In the dispute, television broadcasts of entrepreneurial hearing through Parliament's TV are ARTV). Sources near the businessman stated RTP that he is considering a complaint for a violation of the right to image and his lawyers are studying how he will deal with this intention.

It is recalled that, at the beginning of the hearing, Joe Berardo's defense requested that his client's testimony took place without the presence of the media and was only recorded by Parliament's television program for the taking of evidence

Member of the committee of inquiry, Luís Leite Ramos, said he joined the request of Joe Berardo's image protection in the part of the information collection's collection of images, but he refused the request so that the hearing would not be transmitted by ARTV.

Thus, the lawyer defined the television broadcast of the hearing, even though Parliament's channel "is" totally illegal. "Luís Leite Ramos, in turn, stated to RTP that he was comfortable with his decision and that the public interest justified the broadcast. [1

9659006] It is recalled that the hearing of the Parliamentary Investigation Committee on the Management and Recapitalization of CGD put Joe Berardo in the limelight last week, gathered fierce criticism in public opinion, and even saw a disciplinary procedure brought against the Council by the national schemes to investigate whether the crime in the title of Prince Henry, which can cause his decorations to be revoked

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