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BALL – SAD wants fewer deputies, Jesus wants to take everyone (Benfica)

It is one of the points that is not yet closed and promises an arm wrestling. When Jorge Jesus moves to Luz, the coach has already made it known that he intends to bring the remaining technical team working with him at Flamengo, ie seven more.

The incarnated SAD made it known that it has its own structure in operation – a good part of it is still resistant to the time when Jesus himself went through Seixal and that he himself helped to assemble – and therefore not everyone who was with him needed now work.

In addition to Jorge Jesus, there are six other Portuguese attached to the Flamengo technical team: João de Deus, who joined the coach at Al Hilal and has worked as a right-hander since Miguel Quaresma and Raúl José left; Tiago Oliveira, assistant in charge of defensive movements; Mário Monteiro, physical trainer who has worked with Jesus for many years and has already been with him in Luz; Marcio Sampaio, physical trainer who also coordinates training analysis and control at Fla; Rodrigo Araújo, analyst, and Gil Henriques, analyst. In addition to them is Evandro Mota, a Brazilian mental trainer who has also worked with the Portuguese at Benfica.

The Incarnate has technicians who in recent years have worked as assistants in the house, ie transversal to various technical teams, cases of Minervino Pietra, assistant coach or Marco Pedroso, assistant coach, who has worked with Jesus in the light and has chosen to stay with the Eagles when the coach went to Sporting. Fernando Ferreira, goalkeeping coach, who stayed with Bruno Lage, will also be able to remain in the new technical team.

In Brazil, each of the deputies receives around 300,000 euros clean, a total of more than 2 million euros only for deputies. Value that the incarnated SAD intends to lower.

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