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Awesome, Bolsonaro closes tuberculosis treatment in children

The Bolsonaro government has reduced the transmission of drugs to fight tuberculosis in children by almost 60%. The information can be found in internal messages from the São Paulo Municipal Health Secretariat obtained by Rede Brasil Atual.

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As a result, Sao Paulo City Council led the network of health to initiate no new treatment for latent tuberculosis in children.

“Priority will be for children on active tuberculosis treatment. As an immediate measure, all new treatment of ILTB with rifampicin regimen in children is interrupted, says Mariangela Medina Brito from technical staff in the municipal tuberculosis control program.

Former Health Minister Artur Chioro considers the situation extremely serious. “It is a real disaster, an irresponsibility, to miss or reduce the prognosis of drugs for the treatment of tuberculosis. Reducing the supply of the drug that has all four substances for the first treatment of tuberculosis is a disaster in itself as it can lead to cessation of treatment. "

" But even worse is this reduction in the supply of rifampin suspension, which is used for latent tuberculosis infection. Fighting latent infection, even if the person has no symptoms, is an effective way to interrupt the transmission chain. ”

The information is from Rede Brasil Hoje.

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