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Another app that you really need to remove from your Android smartphone now

The last few weeks have been complicated for Android. Your security has been compromised and situations have often arisen where users are exposed to serious problems with their smartphone.

This scenario now appears to be repeating, with a new application behaving abnormally. It is well known and subscribes to services without users' approval or even knowing it.

 Android Smartphone Security Snaptube app

New Android Problems

There are apps that users use because they have additional features for Android. Snaptube is one of them by allowing you to download YouTube videos for viewing at any time and without the need for Internet access.

As a rule, they trust these apps and accept all permissions requested without weighing them. the consequences of that. This app has now proved to be a serious problem as it has been shown to show hidden advertising by users.

 Snaptube Android smartphone security app

Snaptube causes serious security problems

Beyond From this abnormal behavior, it has also been found that Snaptube behaves in a different way. You subscribe to services in secret without asking users for permission or even informing them.

The discovery was made by security company Secure-D, which analyzed the behavior of this app. It found that it uses the Mango SDK that was previously associated mainly with similar problems. Then the behavior was hidden and has now returned.

 The Android Smartphone Security Snaptube app

This app needs to be removed immediately

Snaptube has since been removed from the Play Store and the company it created has already proven itself. However, it revealed that it was not aware of the issues affecting the Mango SDK and that it immediately removed it from its tools.

With 40 million downloads, the effect of this issue is very large. It is urgent that Snaptube be removed as an urgent matter and therefore the smartphone is far from this problem. However, it is a more serious defect as a result of the use of malicious tools.

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