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"Afternoon Unforgettable" for Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa for 25 years by A.D. Figueira – Jornal TRUE

25 years ago was born in Figueira, the smallest parish in Porto, the association for the development of Figueira, in the municipality of Penafiel. The association that "was born slowly" began by offering ATL service, Day Center and Centro de Convvio, moving to domestic help for the elderly. It was the first institution that created protection for victims of domestic violence, and today there is a residential building for the elderly and a continued care.

Among the directors, employees, users and friends, the event was attended by President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa

The first to speak was António Lobo Xavier, chairman of the General Assembly of the Association for the Development of the Figueira and Prime Minister, have been responsible for the visit of the President of the Republic to Penafiel. Lobo Xavier said this was a work "made without scale" recalled the low number of inhabitants in the parish Figueira

"It is possible to do things as long as the ingredients that have been in this Revenue. "

António Lobo Xavier recalled the importance of the presence of Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who believes that " it gives a courage " the President of the General Assembly of the Association, Angelo Guedes, confirmed that all the activities of the Association doing is possible for several reasons, and emphasizes that it is a great resource for the next 25 years.

the commitment of the people of Figueira, the quality work of the people who belong to the social organs and the efforts of the institution's partners

The leader emphasized the necessity of "reflecting and warning of the difficulties created in the IPSS associations " and recalled that the Association for the Development of Figueira, has already worked" domestic violence, well before media time and recent crimes have come to public opinion " requiring updating of social security agreements that remain the same "since the opening more than 14 years ago."

"It is with great pride and I am very proud of That, and I am very grateful to you, "said Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, Angelo Guedes, the strength and determination we look at for our future. "

Also president of the 25 years of honor praised Antonino de Sousa, president of the Penafil municipality, that work of the institution's creator. " and added that this visit by the President of the Republic " is an acknowledgment of this work. "" These our citizens who founded the 25-year-old Figueira Development Association deserve our consideration and respect "


The last one who took the floor was Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who began her speech classifying the afternoon as "unforgettable" . When he spoke to the association's president, the state's highest representative, he stated that "social security does what it can and cannot do in many areas" and adds that he realizes that associations would expect greater support "[19659002] "The work that is being developed here and many other works across the country face economic, technical, material and sometimes human challenges. They need attention, support and even greater attention " in the hope that when the country goes away from the crisis " it is possible to look closer at these institutions "

] Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa stated that he knows how to do 25 years of work like this. "I know what it is to create such a work, dream it and then it is a year, it is 10 years, it is 15 years, to stand, start, create the foundation, grow the job, to keep " emphasize that it reaches 25 years " means much work, sacrifice and commitment ".

" I value these 25 years since I know what it costs to create

The institution enthusiastically and joyfully received the president of the feelings that did not refuse to embrace and kiss, so characteristic of his mandate.

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