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Access only with CC or Digital Mobile Key

It is already on Monday (20/5) that access to the national health care portal will only be possible with authentication of the citizen's card or digital mobile key.

This will be the first

 Health portal: Only access with Citizen Card or Digital Mobile Key

The announcement was made by the Presidency's Minister and administrative modernization, Mariana Vieira da Silva, in a presentation of "Simplex + Mobile Mobile Key in Health ", held in Lisbon

According to the minister, the generalization of the action will allow these contractual relations, in connection with public services, that the content of the certification can be done on the mobile phone, on the tablet, on the computer in any case without the need for some additional elements.

Marta Temido, Minister said that the importance of the digital mobile key is user security. "There is a long way to go that is mainly related to the issue of electronic prescription, which is perhaps one of the most famous brands to simplify processes and digitization in the health field."

 Health portal: Only access with the citizen's card or digital mobile key

But there are also other services such as "eBoletim of vaccines" or born citizens, which makes it possible to register the newborns immediately in the hospital or the motherhood (19659002) The Simplex Health Program (2016, 2017, 2018), which will be implemented in the country of origin,) included the development of 72 simplification and modernization measures, the agency Lusa reveals.

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