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& # 39; Married at First Sight & # 39; has two new competitors – TV

SIC's program "Married at First Sight" is still in full swing and this Sunday evening, October 20, was the night of another amazing episode.

This Sunday we met two new participants. who will join the married group: Lucas and Anabela.

Lucas, 30, hails from Seixal and is a barber by trade. Lucas has tremendous faith and is looking for someone who shares religion and likes family. He grew up with his parents and brother in an active Mormon community. He did his assignment in Mozambique 18 and was there for two years. In addition to this, he always practiced sports (futsal) and volunteers. He is happy and successful, he just needs to find his better half.

Anabela, 32, has lived in Serra d & # 39; Aire and has lived with the dog for nine years, worked at a restaurant during the day and studied for her. be a hairdresser. Anabela has a dream to work in a hair salon because she admires the man's hairstyle. When she was younger, she dreamed of being an actress, but life forced her to let go of her dreams and get down to work early. She has been married, but has no fond memories of this relationship. Think this is your chance to be happy.

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