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10 new features that will change your WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most popular platform and instant messaging program today, based on millions of Android and iOS smartphones. At the same time, it is one of the applications that has received more news in recent months.

You will then be able to find out the 10 biggest improvements on the way to your WhatsApp.

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First of all, the integrity of your conversations through this service. But we also have more controls for the user, some limits for sharing that could otherwise spread fake news on the platform. There are also expected features such as dark mode, as well as small (and large) improvements.

What's New on the WhatsApp Road

Although all of these new features have been covered in Pplware earlier, its implementation is gradual. So you may already have got some of these on Android and iOS smartphones, more specifically with the trial versions. While the stable version takes a little longer before receiving them.

Although some of the changes may become unnoticed by users, others will have a greater impact on how they use the entire platform. In addition, the improvements should be debuted not only on Android smartphones but also on IOS devices. So it's been the last few years with WhatsApp.

First of all, we will have more security and integrity. With the implementation of automatic locking - already available for iOS. In practice, we can set time intervals, after which the program will block access to the app. The same feature is also on the way to WhatsApp for Android smartphones.

Shortly after, we have the methods for unlocking the actual program. Something that can also be used to secure the second news, block screenshots or desktop screens for on-site calls in Android and iOS mobile devices.

10 short stories on the way to Android and iOS smartphones

Thirdly, we will have a better chance of illustrating our conversations. To do so, the WhatsApp developers will include more emojis provided by the platform itself.

The goal is to give the users of the platform more opportunities to illustrate their chats, which also recognizes the increasing popularity of stickers ( stickers ]) for WhatsApp. It is a trend that is already popular in Asian markets.

False News False News

The fourth news refers to false news or rather the forms of combat and clarification of potentially false or misleading content. To do this, we should not only verify the images of Google, a platform of actually cheking for visual material, but also a reinforcement of the control of the shares.

We actually know how many times a message can already have been forwarded to other groups or chat rooms. At the same time, we remind you of the restriction that was introduced at the beginning of the year to 5 shares per message in new groups. Something that has actually reduced the scope of WhatsApp shares.

In this way, we learn whether a message has been widely shared on the platform. In addition, Google will serve the fact checker to verify an image to determine its authorship and eventual manipulation.

Make dark mode to files

Although it has been one of the features most demanded by users of Android and iOS smartphones, WhatsApp has not yet implemented it. The dark mode or dark mode is already transverse to multiple applications and does not mark the presence in Android Q, but also in IOS 13, domestically in both cases.

It is therefore expected, as soon as the WhatsApp presents, this option. Something that gives us a reverse color throughout the application and all its menus. The change makes it more convenient to use the application when the light is low. It will also be a great way to save battery power on OLED screens.

Even for easy use, archived conversations will no longer annoy you. Once the feature has been implemented, if a chat has been archived and it has received a new message, it will not return to the top of the list. You can activate the option and always keep an archived chat at the bottom of the chat list.

From audio to internal browser WhatsApp

Audio clips or voice messages are one of the most widely used formats in the program. In this respect, the company wants to improve the form and organization of its shipment and thus reception. If a certain sender sent several voice messages, you can actually listen to them without interruption.

It will therefore be a good way not to interrupt conversations, and to organize and facilitate their use on Android and iOS smartphones.

In addition, WhatsApp will also get an internal browser. Something that is already on Facebook, for example, and which will speed up the opening of any connection ( link ) from the program. It should also be noted that WhatsApp will have a floating video playback window from the app, similar to Android's PiP mode.

The new one is tested on Android and iOS smartphones

] Finally, it should be noted that all these new developments have been advanced by the publication WABetaInfo . This is the device that has the habit of keeping track of the new features on the way to the platform. We point out that these features are tested in beta.

We ended up with a positive listing for iPad users:

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