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10 Games of throne characters that turned out to be useless

Thrones games have always had nice characters such as Daenery's Targary, Tyrian Lannister, Sansa Stark, Jon Snow and many others.

DigitalSpy listed the 10 characters in the Thrones game which proved worthless during the 8 seasons.

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Like the Gold Company, Commander Harry Stickland had no meaning at all in the Game of Thrones. The character was practically an extra, with almost no dialogue and no battle scene.

A priestess from the Red God like Melisandre, Kinvara worked in season 6, proclaimed Daenery's as the prince who was promised to varys and Tyrion and alone.

A friend of Davo's pirate, character appeared recurring during the first 4 seasons of Thrones play. But Saan disappeared after Stannis arrived at Black Castle, disappearing forever from the series, which is a pity because the actor brought an important diversity in a series of few black characters.

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The least significant of Stark made Rickon a bit in the game of thrones, who died of tragic form of Ramsay's hands in Batalla of the Bastards after having spent several seasons dropped

The character is one of the most mysterious in both the books and the game of thrones and many fans have created several theories of their identity. Despite this, she looks out into the series only during the second season in Qarth, has a mysterious dialogue with Jorah and is completely forgotten.

The medical soldier was also in the seasons where Daenerys was in Meereen, but its role was reduced to nothing when Dragons mother decided to travel to Westeros.

Benjen was present in the first episodes of Game of Thrones, disappeared in his adventures outside the wall and then returned comfortably to save Bran. Strong and Jon Snow.

Like all Dornes plot in the Game of Thrones, his leader was a failure. Doran Martell is an interesting character in the books Thrones Game, with a conspiratorial and intelligent plot in the course. Unfortunately, the series decided to completely cut its history and killed him in the first episode of season 6 in a pathetic manner.

by Stark, Ghost had almost no highlight in the Game of Thrones. The fans expected him to be relevant to the Battle of Winterfell, but again the series of the series emphasized that he did not have enough budget to highlight the character. Sin.

Both followed Bran Stark in several seasons and
had a sad fate in the game of thrones. The boy died for Bran
arrived at Raven of Three Eyes and Meera, after protecting young Stark
for several seasons, disappeared from the story after Bran
Winter. At the end, both characters were wasted

The eighth and final season of Throne's game focuses on the final battle of the Iron Throne. The episodes are made available in Brazil by the sender and the HBO GO service simultaneously to the United States.

In addition to the eighth and last season, HBO is already planning the series production from Game of Thrones, one of them starring Naomi Watts, still without debut date.

The last section of the Game of Thrones will be shown on May 19 on HBO

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