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Porsche Taycan beats Tesla Model S in drag race and handles comparison tests with warnings

A German TV program managed to get hold of both a Porsche Taycan Turbo S and a Tesla Model S P100D at the same time and they did some comparison tests.

However, there are some warnings to the tests.

Last month, Porsche officially launched the production version of Taycan, its first all-electric car.

The vehicle was well received, but it got the inevitable comparison with the Tesla Model S and it loses badly on paper.

But comparisons on paper are not the same as real tests.

The German TV series Auto Mobil conducted some of these tests after taking care of a brand new Taycan Turbo S and a Model S P1


The former won the handling test and they did several draw races, which Taycan ended up winning the longer they went:

Porsche always had impressive and segment-leading handling so the test is not exactly surprising, but the drag race is more surprising since the Model S P100D is officially faster at 60 km / h than the Taycan Turbo.


We do not know which tires they are on, w which can make a big difference, especially since the pavement is wet.

The wet pavement can also explain why both fail to reach their official times of 0-60 mph.

In addition, the show uses an older Model S P100D and not the latest & # 39; Raven & # 39; Model S, which is equipped with a new drive line and a new suspension, which can be particularly useful for the handling test.

Although the newer version has the same official 0-60 mph acceleration.

Tesla is also working on a better version of the Model S named & # 39; Plaid & # 39; with a 3-motor powertrain.

Electrek & # 39; s Take

I said it before, but it's worth repeating: I don't like the comparison between Taycan and Model S.

They are both fantastic cars that will appeal to different people.

Taycan's design stands out in my opinion and Porsche's driving experience is legendary.

Tesla has many advantages with its technology and I think we will find out that the top-of-the-line Model S will actually be faster than Taycan.

So yes not perfect tests, but it is still interesting.

Porsche is also more expensive than Model S.

Either way, the competition is good and I think Taycan will turn more to fully electric vehicles.

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