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Porsche prices its entry-level Taycan EV to just over $ 100,000

Porsche has announced the third entry in its first all-electric car lineup, the Taycan 4S, which joins the Taycan Turbo and the Turbo S that was announced last month. Although the $ 103,800 starting price is not cheap, the 4S is nearly $ 50,000 cheaper than the $ 150,900 Taycan Turbo, and Porsche refers to it as the "entry level in the series."

There are two versions of the Taycan 4S available: Performance Battery and Performance Battery Plus. Both are less powerful than the two more expensive Taycan models. Based on the released specifications, the main effect of this seems to be in the car's acceleration, with 4S capable of doing 0 to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds, compared to 3 seconds for the Turbo and 2.6 for the Turbo S. The top speed of the 4S is also about 1

55 km / h, which is 6 km / h less than Porsche's more expensive models.

Taycan 4S has the same design as Porsche's more expensive EVs.
Image: Porsche

Interestingly, despite the $ 50,000 price difference, the new Taycan 4S models may have a similar range of range to the more expensive cars in the series. Porsche says you will get 407 km of performance from the Performance Battery Taycan 4S and 463 km from the Performance Battery Plus model. It is compared with 412 km for the Turbo and 450 km for the Turbo S, which means that the Performance Battery Plus model for the Taycan 4S has the highest range of all Porsche EVs. (All ranges are measured by the WLTP standard.)

In addition to their engines, the design of Taycan 4S is largely similar to Porsche's existing electric cars. It has the same 800-volt charging system, four-wheel drive and an exterior that looks unchanged compared to the more expensive models. The Taycan Turbo 10.9-inch infotainment screen also returns.

Back in 2017, Porsche talked about wanting to sell an electric car for under $ 100,000. Taycan 4S isn't really that, but the message sees that Porsche is moving much closer to the target. The Taycan 4S with Performance Battery will start at $ 103,800, while the Performance Battery Plus model starts at $ 110,380. The company takes pre-orders for the Taycan 4S as of today and plans to release the car in Europe in January 2020 and in the US sometime during the spring.

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