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Popey's violence continues after the woman has been molested outside the Tennessee restaurant

A viral video of a Popeyes employee beating a woman outside a Tennessee restaurant has resulted in an arrest on Friday.

Deriance Ra & # 39; Shaiel Hughes, 29, was charged with felony aggravated assault for the incident stemming from a change between the woman and employees at the fast-food scene.

A lawyer representing the victim, Debra Staggs, 55, said she was trying to get a refund after being reported to have been double-charged for food, reports the local TV station WSMV.

However, things quickly escalated when Staggs and Hughes got into an argument at the checkout counter. In a video posted on Twitter, Hughes is seen throwing Staggs to the ground outside.


There are conflicting accounts of what happened before the violent attack. In another video that captured the argument inside the restaurant, employees accused Staggs of using the N-word and repeatedly asked her to leave.

Stagg's attorneys said their client denies using the breed and that the store's manager "immediately began to offend her" when she returned to request a refund after checking her bank statement.


Staggs was "confused and scared" during the change, her lawyer said, trying to leave the building before she was attacked. She reportedly got six cracked ribs, nine cracks and a broken knee.

Jeff Janssen, an employee of Popeyes, told WSMV that Hughes was dismissed after the incident. “It was indefinite. There was no reason for that, he said.

A Popeyes spokesman said in a statement to a Fox affiliate that the company was "shocked" by the attack.


“These measures are completely contrary to our standards and the integrity of our brand. After an investigation, the franchisee took immediate action and we were informed that the employee has since quit, "the spokesman said.

"The whole circumstance is very unfortunate for everyone involved, and we hope we never see this kind of behavior again."

The Tennessee turnaround comes after a series of violent incidents at other popeys restaurants around the country, some of which have been tied to the fast-food restaurant's popular chicken sandwich.

Trays were sent flying at a Popeyes restaurant in San Antonio on Tuesday during a fight between a customer and an employee. The two unidentified women were seen throwing food trays at each other in a dispute captured on video and posted on Twitter.

In a separate change captured on camera in Maryland, an employee and a male customer from Popeye's brawl were seen behind the counter as customers and other employees watched. Investigators confirmed that the incident was triggered by a confrontation between a customer and an employee after the customer demanded a refund.

In another incident on Sunday, a man was stabbed and killed outside another Maryland Popeyes. The strike occurred after two customers reportedly entered a change over one of the men who cut a line reserved for the restaurant's popular chicken sandwich.

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