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Pompeo: US withdrawal from Syria "incredibly clear"

  Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Secretary Mike Pompeo is currently conducting an eight-day tour of the Middle East in concern about President Donald Trump's Syria policy. Andrew Caballero-Reynolds / Pool Photo via AP

State Secretary Mike Pompeo on Saturday described President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw all US troops from Syria as "incredibly clear" among the international uncertainty surrounding the administration's position on US forces in the region.

"The president's guidance is incredibly clear," Pompeo hosted Margaret Brennan of CBS News "" Face the Nation ", adding that the countdown of the approximately 2,000 uniformed soldiers in Syria" is ongoing. Story Continued Below

"We'll do it in an orderly and conscious way," Pompeo said. "A road that protects America's national security. A road that allows us to continue the important miss president's top diplomat continued to describe the recall – which in part resulted in the defense secretary James Mattis resigning – as "a tactical change" in the US military strategy, and that they were heading for the mission of terrorism . "

said that" the mission remains the same "in view of the administration's efforts to destroy the Islamic state's group and terrorist threats from Iran.

" It's all real mission, "he said.

Pompeo is currently conducting an eight-day tour in Middle East after concern over Trump's Syria policies, visiting countries including Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait.

Pompeo's journey follows similar stops as National Security Adviser John Bolton did in Israel and Turkey during last week in an attempt to calm the regional forces, but Bolton seemed to oppose the president of you usalem on sunday when he said that the Syrian troop outlet is conditional on defeating the remains of the Islamic state and on Turkey which guarantees the security of American Allied Kurdish warriors. [19659004] These remarks were met with indignation by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who criticized Bolton in a speech to his parliament and skipped a meeting with Trump's administrative official during his time in Ankara.

In a phone call Saturday, Pompeo and Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu "agreed on the importance of continuing consultations between the United States and Turkey", according to the State Department spokesman.

Pompeo also reiterated the US commitment to address Turkish security problems along the border between Turkey and Syria, while emphasizing the importance of the United States putting on the protection of forces that worked with the United States and the global coalition to defeat ISIS "The spokesman said in a statement.

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