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Policemen damaged Retreaing from Mob throwing bricks, bottles

At least seven police officers were injured by the London uprisings that threw bricks, glass bottles and other makeshift missiles at them as they withdrew from a crowd at what is characterized by an “unlicensed music event”.

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) confirmed on Saturday that they were responding to reports of an “unlicensed music event” in White City, West London on Friday night.

When the group violently attacked officers, the police were forced to withdraw and wait for reinforcements in the form of specially trained public presidents. They also met with violent backlash from the mob after marching in a phalanx-like formation, but eventually spread the collection around 1

0 p.m.

Movies shared on social media revealed that officers were pillaged with bricks, glass bottles and other projectiles when they initially withdrew from the scene.

Large gatherings of people are still illegal under Britain’s anti-coronavirus regulations, even though they have been punished by supporters of Black Lives Matter and last night’s violence marked the second straight weekend of violent attacks on officers trying to stop so-called “street parties” ” in the capital.

“Officers have responded to residents who complained about a large gathering, noise, anti-social behavior and violence,” said Deputy Commissioner Laurence Taylor.
“These gatherings are illegal and also pose a risk to public health.

“The violence that was shown to officers tonight was completely unacceptable and we will not tolerate it in any form. Officers encountered bricks and other missiles thrown at them, “Taylor confirmed.

Our robust police response showed that we will police incidents like these in a safe way and stop them from intentionally causing harm or disruption in our communities, “Taylor added.
To date, the police have not been arrested in connection with the violent riot.

Last week, 22 officers were injured during a similar change with police and riots in Brixton, with other illegal “street parties” witnessed in Notting Hill, Newham and Clapham.

In response to the violent riots in White City, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said it was “shameful that police officers came to attack with some suffering injuries at an illegal rally in White City last night. Violence against the police is not tolerated and the perpetrators will be caught and prosecuted. “

Khan went on to say that as the pubs open across the country on Saturday, additional officers will be out today and continue to work hard to keep our city safe.

Despite his rhetoric, Khan has refused to cling to the often violent mass rallies of Black Lives Matter protests in the city, regardless of their illegality.

In June, the mayor of the left announced that as a result of tax collection shortfalls during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, the city will try to cut about £ 110 from the budget of the Metropolitan Police, the mayor’s Office of Police and Crime (MOPAC), and the fire brigade, among other public agencies.

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