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Police: Man drives conscious car to restaurant and kills 2, including daughter

GASTON COUNTY, N.C. – The authorities arrested a man who deliberately crashes his car to a restaurant in Bessemer City, North Carolina, killing 2 people, including his daughter, CBS affiliate WBTV reports. Several others were injured in the event.

It happened at midday sunday at the Surf and Turf Lodge restaurant. Upon arrival, the police identified several customers who were injured. They were taken to local hospitals.

Katelyn Tyler Self, 26, was identified by the victim killed. Self employed as a deputy at Gaston County Sheriff for four years. The second victim was not identified immediately.

Today, we lost our own deputy Katelyn Self, in a tragic event that occurred when she was not on duty. …

Posted by Gaston County Sheriff Office on May 20, 2018

Her father, Roger Self, was identified as the suspect driver of the vehicle. Sources told WBTV that he went to the steak and fish restaurant with his family before leaving and driving the car into the building.

Police department Charlotte-Mecklenburg said the incident was domestic-related and that officials did not search for further suspects. 19659002] Roger Self-directed Southeastern Loss Management Inc. in Dallas since 1989, according to data reviewed by WBTV.

Caleb Martin, a 14-year-old employee at the restaurant, witnessed the incident.

"I went to my station and I heard a high boom," he told WSOC TV. "It went straight through. There is a door, there's a wall and he drove into another room."

He added: "I helped paramedics move tables from this man and I moved junk out of the way so they could come to him."

Associated Press writes Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police spokesman Rob Tufano called the crash a "massacre incident and two victims moved to Carolinas Medical Center.

A spokesman for Gaston Medical Center told CBS News that they had three patients.

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