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police investigating four deaths in a company

MANDAN, ND – Mandan Polis investigates the death of four people in a company on the 32nd Avenue South East, just outside Memorial Highway, early Monday morning.
They say the public is not in danger because they work to identify the victims and treat the crime scene.

It was a long day for law enforcement here at RJR Maintenance and Management in Mandan. What started as a typical medical call at. 7.30 was much more when they arrived on stage.

Mandan police say they were shocked at what they found when they arrived at the business: the bodies of three men and a woman. They say there is no suspect at this time.

"These four people didn't do it themselves," says Mandas police chief Jason Ziegler.

Ziegler says that they are actively searching for a suspect but say that the public is There is no danger at this time, based on how the crime scene is located.

Throughout the day, people who go to the building who want to pay rent, and make reviews for rentals were amazed at what they came across.

"I came here because no one answered the phone," said Suzette Wall

Ziegler says it is a rare type of crime scene, but would not elaborate what it meant.

"We're trying to get in and process the scene, it's a pretty big crime scene, so it's It won't be something that is easy for us to come in and do quickly. As soon as we get the information we will be happy to Share it, says Ziegler.

He says they are not freeing a time frame or a murder weapon because it is an active investigation. , s, id) {
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