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Xiaomi complements the MIUI Global Beta program

Fans of the brand will not be met. Xiaomi smartphones are not only associated with a very attractive price quality ratio, but also with a heavily modified Android system. For the change in the appearance of the platform marketed by Google, MIUI orders, which the manufacturer launches on the market under two problems: stable and test

However, we now know that the situation will soon change. Xiaomi announced that he intends to terminate the program MIUI Global Beta according to which a large part of the company's customers can use the Android publishing issues. The amendments will enter into force on July 1

. Why did Chiczycy decide to judge mass samples of their software? Winna is probably … the popularity of the brand. The equipment of this manufacturer is purchased by many people, and from the material available on the site Mi Community material installs a large part of the beta system and uses it daily. Such a software is full of bdw and it has not really been released to use it as a "stable" release.

But will Xiaomi fully open the test? No. The program MIUI Chinese Beta which, as the name suggests, was prepared for the domestic producer's market should be active

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