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Work in hot weather – it must necessarily give you an employer. Otherwise he will be punished! [26.06.2019]

Work in the heat reduces our productivity and adversely affects our psychophysical condition. Does your manager fulfill his duties when the temperature reaches his zenith?

Access to drinking water – this must be your employer's assurance

Employees should have continuous access to drinking water that can be poured from hand-operated valves, e.g. access to a baniak with water. According to Polish regulations, the outlet of drinking water must be placed within 75 m of the workplace.

The obligation to provide drinking water does not apply to employers offering work in a ventilated or air-conditioned office, unless the temperature in a closed room exceeds 28 ° C.

How do you survive the heat? See the advice of Krzysztof Wisniewski in the video.

The right choice of air ̵
1; it must necessarily give you an employer

The rules say that employers should ensure: the right temperature and air exchange and protection against moisture, heat heating and excessive office insolation.

Unfortunately, there is no record in Polish law that states how often you should ventilate or ventilate the workplace. They must ensure that working conditions comply with health and safety regulations.

Appropriate sun exposure – this is what the employer must see to you

The office should be protected from excessive sunlight and uncontrolled heat emission due to radiation. Lack of proper protection is particularly painful for people sitting at the windows. To ensure their working comfort, employers usually decide on blinds or blinds.

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Work in the heat. Check what the employer must give and what …

Cold drinks to office workers – this must be your employer's assurance

If the work is very hot at work, the employer is obliged to give employees access to cold drinks. Office workers are entitled to cold drinks if the office temperature exceeds 28 ° C. (This also applies to people who work in air-conditioned rooms.)

The right to stop working – it must necessarily give you an employer

The employee has the right to stop working If they continue to carry out their duties, they may jeopardize their health or life, and their working conditions do not comply with the health and safety legislation. You also have the right to stop working if the workplace does not meet the health and safety standards and your psychophysical condition threatens the health or life of your colleagues.

However, this does not mean that an employee may go home when the heat suffers. Both factors: a threat to life or health and failure to meet the occupational health and safety conditions of the employer must be shared.

The manager should immediately be notified of a break in the work. If you are in danger of health or life and your employer is violating health and safety regulations, you will not be affected by work stoppages.


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