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Wisła Kraków – Korona Kielce in the 35th queue of PKO Ekstraklasa. A big money game

Wisła is already confident of maintenance, but in recent games it can win a lot of money. Cracovians are struggling for an amount that can help, for example, in the purchase of Alon Turgeman. To get that, they have to beat Korona Kielce on their schedule today. Match at 8pm, report on Interia.

Three rounds before the end, Wisla is ranked 1

3th and has 10 points more than Arka Gdynia, which means that the inhabitants of Krakow will certainly stay in Ekstraklasa.

But this is not the end of the fight, as they can still win a lot in terms of image and finances, and both wins guarantee a higher place at the end of the season.

– My players have great ambitions to move on in the table, because the current position is not satisfactory. Although we have already completed the task, which was difficult to perform – coach Artur Skowronek emphasizes, which means maintenance.

Vistula’s range still ends the season even in the ninth position, to which it would lose – in the event of defeating the crown – just three points. And a higher place is mainly associated with significant revenue, since a marketing with only one position is about 300 thousand. PLN more than TV that has the right to broadcast Ekstraklasa.

Such money at Reymont is irresistible, especially when the Vistula activists are thinking about how to raise around PLN 1.5-2 million to buy Vienna from Alon Turgeman from Austria.

But in order to think of a higher position, Wisla must defeat the crown today. Kielce takes place and can now be ready to play in the first league.

– We will try to give young players a chance and look for solutions for the next season. It is known that it is currently extremely difficult, as most players will leave the team, while the other players will not have enough to treat these matches as construction for next season. But we will do everything to make the Crown look its best, regardless of who will appear on the pitch – Crown coach Maciej Bartoszek admitted at the conference before the match against Wisła.

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