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Who gets sick most? These employees take most sick leave [pierwsza szóstka – 15.08.2019 r.]

Officials take sick leave massively after the holiday, says a new budget employee.

– I've been working in an office recently, and previously it was a production company – says Jacek from Toruń.

Angina, offended legs …

– Not only does everything blame me, because I'm new, I still work for princesses, who after my leave gives sick leave. Apparently that's the norm here. And in fact it is. Some employees do not leave after the holidays, they are sick, and it is angina, broken legs, swollen feet. In the company where I worked it was conceivable. It is known that these people are healthy, but two weeks of vacation plus two layoffs gives you a month's sleep. Bullshit! ̵

1; adds Mr. Jacek.

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– The social security institution is obliged to check both the correctness of explaining incapacity and the correct use of sick leave – responds Krystyna Michałek, regional spokesman for social insurance -Pomeranian. – In the first case, ZUS-certified doctors confirm if the sick person is still sick and that the discharge must continue or if the dismissal should be shortened. Checking the correct use of the exemption, on the other hand, consists of checking whether the person benefiting from the exemption, and thus the sickness benefit, does not perform work or perform other activities that do not comply with the doctor's instructions and can hinder the recovery. Contributors who claim the right to benefits and pay them to their insured persons also have the power to check the correct use of exemptions (premium payers employing over 20 people – ed.)

– Check the correct use of sick leave from work due to illness every sick leave can be exposed, regardless of medical indications, ie both when the note "the patient should lie" and in the note "the patient can walk". The control mainly covers people who often benefit from subsequent short-term sick leave from various doctors or long-term sick leave, as well as people who once had to repay the benefit because they used sick leave incorrectly. Often, ZUS also gets information about incorrect use of employers or "friendly" people exceptions. We also select some of the exceptions for random checks, so any exception can be checked – adds Michałek.

Officials? Not only

All redundancies are an exception to all paid work and all activities that can hinder recovery. Termination cannot work as a kind of holiday. An employee who, during sick leave, performs profitable employment or uses this termination in violation of its purpose must take into account that he will lose the right to sickness benefit.

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Most medical sick leave is taken by industrial workers in 2018, on a national scale 4.4 million layoffs, trade – 4.1 million, construction – 1.1 million, public administration and national support – 1.5 million, education – 1, 5 million, health care and social assistance – 1.1 million, administrative services – about 1 million


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