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We learned the planned release dates for new Riot Games (including Legends of Runeterra)

today, 08:25

Studio Riot Games revealed when we can expect the premiere of new team games such as Legends of Runeterra, League of Legends: Wild Rift, LoL Esports Manager or mobile version of Teamfight Tactics.

  Next year, among other Legends of Runeterra card games. - We have learned the planned release dates for new Riot Games (including Legends of Runeterra) - news - 11/11/2019

Next year, incl. card game Legends of Runeterra.

One month ago, League of Legends studio Riot Games announced a number of new games. At that time, however, the creators gave no information about the planned release dates for these projects. It is only now that we found out when we can expect the debut of new band titles.

Mobile Teamfight Tactics

The mobile version of Teamfight Tactics is the premiere. Production is expected to hit iOS and Android systems early next year. Initially, it will only debut in a few countries, but it will soon be available in other territories.

It is worth adding that pre-registration has already started on Google Play

  1. Teamfight Tactics ̵
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    Legends of Runeterra card games are also at an advanced stage of production. This month there will be early tests, where people selected from the players registered on the official site of the game will participate.

    The next step will be closed beta, which will begin early next year. Also in 2020, the full version will be released Legends of Runeterra both on PC and mobile devices, although for the moment the creators cannot give a more accurate date.

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    League of Legends: Wild Rift

    The Alpha Stars in League of Legends: Wild Rift, which is the version of LoL starts soon] developed for consoles and mobile devices

    By the end of next year, the full version of the game should be available worldwide on iOS and Android. Console gifts are only released after mobile.

    LoL Esports Manager

    For the LoL Esports Manager strategy, the premiere is also scheduled for next year. The game begins with the Chinese LPL (LoL Pro League), and subsequent leagues and players should be added gradually as the title develops.

    Other games

    Other games, ie Project A shooter, Project F RPG and Project L fight game they are at an early stage in the production and the writers cannot provide any, even approximate premiere dates for these titles. Therefore, there is no chance for next year's premiere.

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