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Warsaw Rebellion: a place for the 75th anniversary of the uprising of the uprising

This is a tradition. The Warsaw Grand Prix Museum has prepared another place that remembers the events of 75 years ago. This time, one minute's movie is Free "We are linked to values." As highlighted by MPW, the point is that the values ​​that led the rebels, which decoupled Poland, were united by generations.

There were people in place who participated in the national uprising in 1

944. This is Hanna Stadnik, Halina Jędrzejewska, Zofia Czekalska, Witold Kieżun and Janusz Gołuchowski. There are also young actors who appear in it, playing the roles of the heroes in their youth.

The promotional film was prepared by known filmmakers. The director of the site is Tadeusz Śliwa and the producer Oto filmu. The author of the music is Radzimir Dębski "Jimek."

– We want the rebellion's message to reach the widest possible audience of all ages. The place will be broadcast not only on television but also in cinemas and to a large extent on social media. The campaign will continue with a campaign based on publishing images of rebels with actors who played the role of our heroes in their youth – Jan Ołdakowski, MPW director, said today

Warsaw Uprising was the largest armed deployment of the subway in the German occupied Europe. August 1, 1944, over 50,000 people. Planned for several days it lasted over two months. During the matches in Warsaw, about 18,000 died. rebellion and 25,000 were injured. The losses of civilians were enormous – about 180,000 were killed. people. The remaining inhabitants of Warsaw, a total of about half a million people, were expelled by the Nazis from the city, which they later demolished.

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