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Tomasz Komenda has a new job. This is the result of an interview for Wirtualna Polska

Tomasz Komenda was unfairly convicted of rape and murder, and he was imprisoned for 18 years. After being released, he continues to create his own life. It just turned out that the command has a new job. He will be employed by the Collins Brothers Foundation.


“Tomek had a choice of employment in three companies, which he manages: a vehicle tuning studio, a restaurant in Warsaw or work in our foundation. Fortunately, he chose to work at the Collins Brothers Foundation without a doubt, which I personally am very happy about”

; – wrote Rafał on social media. Collins, announces the collaboration.

Collins emphasized that thanks to the new work, Komenda will get in touch with a small group of people without having to pose every day for “hundreds of pictures, as it was at the car wash where he worked”.

After leaving prison, Tomasz Komenda began working in a car wash. But he was not happy with that, as he told Wirtualna Polska.


– “(…) because it turned out that I attract customers, I was not allowed to leave my job, not even to go to the toilet. I had to ask the boss if I could have breakfast, make myself a coffee, smoke a cigarette. I feel good slowly – said Tomasz Komenda for WP Magazine.

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Collins explained that Tomasz Komenda had become a specialist in social adaptation of unjustly convicted persons.


“Tomek will get development opportunities from us, at first his responsibility is only his personal development” – stated one of the Collins brothers.

He informed that Tomasz Komenda would participate in various courses (including before the driving test) and would receive psychological care, “because the state did not even take care of it”.

Tomasz Komenda has a new job. Collins blames the state

The command works remotely to be “close to the fiancée and the baby who will soon be born”.


“And I will completely add from myself that it is a terrible farce that Tomek is still waiting for compensation from the state and he had to work after car wash, his punishment did not end when he was released from prison, he still lasted” – Rafał Collins completed its entry.

Brothers Rafał and Grzegorz Collins are the owners of a car repair shop. Thanks to the workshop, the brothers first became popular on social media in the UK. After collaborating with TV stations in Poland, they also became famous in our country and their customers are famous athletes.

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Tomasz Komenda was unfairly convicted of raping and murdering 15-year-old Małgorzata K. Now Norbert Basiura is on the bridge. He agreed to an interview with Wirtualna Polska a few days before the court was to decide whether he had killed the teenager.

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